Wot did it trigger? Videos

We’ve been asking our audiences what gets triggered by the show.  It clearly has power and resonance for a lot of people.  Their testimonies are incredibly valuable to me; not just the words they say, but in something I haven’t yet put my finger on about their expressions; their eyes, mouths and hesitations.

Here’s a collection of some responses straight after the show during our first week in Edinburgh. It would be interesting to know how long the show sticks with people and in what way.

Sue Mitchell talks about love, grief, disability and theatre.  I want the storytelling to be about dialogue; one that continues long after the show’s finished and has ripples that the originating artists have no control over.  I love what Sue says about ordinary lives rendered extraordinary.

This is Charlie Chronik, drawing parallels with the Jewish Community in Minneapolis.  I’ve also talked to Irish Catholics and British-African children, who recognise the different pulls of assimilation, maintaining identity and influencing the host culture.

Here’s an interview with a London tour guide.  I’m fascinated that he says it was necessary for him to look at family photos.  He wanted to capture people he was close to when they were happy.  It’s almost as if they’re still with him, so he needs them not to be experiencing distress for his own life to be balanced.  For me, it’s quite a profound statement about how our ancestors are with us and part of who we are today.  So maybe what the show does is connect everyone in some way to their ancestors?

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