Wot? No Fish!! has provided me with an opportunity to explore many areas of my practice as a theatre maker. This page provides me with an opportunity to share some lines of enquiry. 

Because this is practice research – the very act of making the work (the show is always in the process of being made) is revealing new understanding about my practice in a number of ways. 

Here is the main question that currently occupies me:

  • How can the show provide a model for developing genuinely diverse audiences – crossing ages, cultures and classes in particular?

Related to this main question, the following interlocking questions feed in:

  • What is it about the storytelling form of the show that builds a sense of “community” (or more precisely, what anthropologists call “communitas”)
  • How does the aesthetic encourage the audience to be co-creators?
  • What enhancement activities can best serve audience development?
  • How, and to what extent, does the show combine the key audiences experiences of being educational, social, aesthetic and, perhaps most interestingly, spiritual?

And, in terms of how the learning from Wot? No Fish!! can benefit a wider theatre and performance ecology:

  • What are the characteristics of the interrelationship between the artistic development of a performance, its marketing and its life with audiences that can best support sustainable and vibrant audiences, tailored to specific places and contexts?