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✪✪✪✪The Guardian (Lyn Gardner) – July 2014

“This is a show about love that has been made with love … Ab and Celie are long gone, but through Ab’s drawings and Braverman’s generous performance, they live on.”

See Saw – February 2019

“He has a broad, knowing East-End Jewishness that disarms you immediately. If you enjoy words starting with schm… you’ll have a ball … the story of Ab and Celie that he tells with good humour, taste and emotional precision is a window into the world of real people that will survive, in our common humanity, when all the statues have crumbled and there’s nothing left of the great ones they memorialise but names.”

Australian Stage – February 2019

“This is a cleverly written work and marvellously performed. There is humour and poignancy covering hard times and better ones. The pesah (passover) toast “Next year in Jerusalem” encapsulates that optimistic, forward-thinking survival gene. Love and family can conquer all adversity. A heart-warming opening to the Festival of Perth.”

BN1 Brighton Festival Review – May 2018

“Few shows are genuinely unique. This one is. More than a mere show, it is a testament to the compulsion and the redemptive value of art. Braverman provides us with an act of remembering that calls upon us all to remember, to share, and to love.”

✪✪✪✪✪Australian Book Review – March 2017

“I saw this show previously at the Sydney Festival and was determined to catch it again, just to be reminded of how authenticity and (only seeming) artlessness can, through a brilliant performer, present theatre which charms, moves, and, yes, inspires.

In essence, and along with all its other qualities, this show is a master class in how to combine the performer’s two basic tasks: storyteller and actor.”

✪✪✪✪Collage Magazine Adelaide – March 2017

“I cannot recommend this show strongly enough. It is funny and sad, beautiful and ugly, large yet domestic.”

The Adelaide Review – March 2017

“More than anything though, you’ll leave this stirring show knowing that fish, beetroot and horseradish aren’t all you need to make fish balls and chrain. The secret ingredient? It’s love.”

Canberra Critics Circle – March 2017

With the deft touch of a skilled art curator, Braverman interprets each doodle, analyzing Ab’s intention, drawing conclusions, explaining significance and guiding us through the universal truths that touch all people along history’s twisting path. At its heart, Braverman has revealed a beautiful, uniquely told love story that may well bring you to tears, lure you to laughter and urge you to delve into the stories that lie hidden in your family’s past. Intimate and personal, Wot? No Fish was the perfect performance to start my Festival adventure at  Neil Armfield and Rachel Healey’s 2017 Adelaide Festival.”

Stage Whispers Adelaide – March 2017

Like climbing Everest, Braverman takes the audience through this beautiful, witty and moving story, one step at a time to reach the perfect summit.”

InDaily Adelaide – March 2017 

“The performer is charismatic and effortless.”

Adelaide Advertiser – March 2017

“Like Ab, Braverman is a wonderfully understated, engaging, likable storyteller.”

✪✪✪✪Reviewsgate – July 2016

“Such love, it takes your breath away”

“The story Braverman tells us is about love; to be embraced into this story, as we in the audience are, is to be loved too. Braverman has a generosity, a charm, a warmth that is mesmerising.  […]  Round these drawings, Braverman spins his real-life history, rich in engrossing detail. What we get is not only a family history, but also a history of changing times, of Jewish working-class history, of all of our history, of shifts in the NHS, in education, in attitudes to sex and sexuality. […] This gentle show has all the power to move and amuse of a conventional drama, yet it’s all done with Braverman’s easy-going, relaxed and chatty manner. WOT? NO FISH!! is unique. And it’s magic.”

Freemanreviews – September 2015

“A brilliantly engaging, poignant, funny and exquisitely created show. By its very simplicity it accurately portrays the intricacies of relationships, family, community, friendships, love and history.  Wot? No Fish!! is gentle, intelligent and most of all entertaining.”

Exeunt – August 2015

Wot? No Fish!! has a new resonance in these days of refugees struggling to reach Europe and build new lives. It’s a story of survival: the survival of Ab and Celie’s ancestors who escaped persecution; the survival of their autistic, epileptic son, albeit in dispiriting circumstances; the survival of these stories of insignificant people of no great prosperity, first in Ab’s tiny, unassuming illustrations, and now in Braverman’s performance. Everyone deserves at least the chance to survive. Humanity demands it.”

British Theatre Guide – August 2015

” Wot? No Fish!! is a very accomplished piece of story-telling that has now been told many times but this accomplished performer gives it such an immediacy and freshness you would think it the first time […]  It is a touching story, funny and moving… For the last half hour of its ninety minutes, my cheeks were wet with tears, both happy and sad ones. Braverman presents it with such directness, simplicity and sincerity that you cannot help being moved. […] You don’t have to be Jewish to respond to it; it will work its magic if you are the least bit human. Asked to describe theatre, this is not what you’d come up with, but what it does is of the very essence of theatre. If it comes your way, don’t miss it.”

A Younger Theatre – August 2015

“The beauty of this production is that it is storytelling at its essence. Braverman has created a performance that pays service to an amazing story.”

✪✪✪✪Plays to See – August 2015

“a rich feast of entertainment that was funny, poignant and … well … life-affirming.”

Luxemburger Wort – June 2015

“A bravura performance of subtlety, warmth and generosity.”

✪✪✪✪✪ The Public Reviews  June 2015

“A poignant and lovingly crafted show about the enduring power of family love.”

British Theatre Guide – May 2015

“A beautifully wrought and deeply moving eighty minutes or so of story-telling”

✪✪✪✪Herald Sun – March 2015

Wot? No Fish!! is an incredibly moving reminder that in every life, every family, there’s a little bit of magic somewhere just beneath the surface.”

CargoART – February 2015

“… one of the most unique and magical insights into human life ever brought to the stage”

✪✪✪✪✪ Theatre People – February 2015

“This show is a gorgeous and beautifully constructed work which asks us to reflect on family, relationships, art and time. It is a show about love, and it is told with such love, that one cannot help but tear up with gratitude and joy.”

Australian Stage – February 2015

“… establishing an intimacy with the audience which belies the sensitivity and the enormous attention to detail of the work.”

✪✪✪✪Daily Review – February 2015

“You absolutely get the sense of a full life, and then you wonder at the dedication and imagination of a man able to render it weekly on the back of an envelope with such precision.”

✪✪✪✪The Age Melbourne – February 2015

“Braverman makes something truly magical from apparently ordinary lives.”

✪✪✪✪The Sydney Morning Herald –  January 2015

“Braverman gently, unobtrusively steers the audience on this incomparable journey through time, reaching a simple but deeply affecting, magical conclusion that left this reviewer in need of a Kleenex or three.”

Canberra Critics Circle – January 2015

“Wot? No Fish!! is a remarkable achievement, and should not be missed.”

Sydney Arts Guide – January 2015

“And why were so many of us leaving with balled up tissues in our pockets?!”

Boston Globe – November 2014

“Danny Braverman’s “Wot? No Fish!!’’ is a quiet treasure … As the show steadily builds, you find yourself thinking about generational connections and the myriad ways the past can ripple undetected through the present. … And by the time “Wot? No Fish!!’’ is over, you realize you’ve just seen something pretty remarkable.”

✪✪✪✪Time Out – July 2014

“Appealing to our stomachs is one of many levels to this almost excruciatingly touching piece …  the tale is linked indelibly and incredibly with Braverman’s own life, and there are intricate, startling echoes of their journey in his own.  Enlightening stuff, then, not just for the belly, but for the mind and heart. “

✪✪✪✪✪Public Reviews – July 2014

“The audience’s total engagement with the narrative has as much to do with Braverman’s superb storytelling as with the drawings themselves. … It is a ride through life’s ups and downs with moments of unconditional delight and others that move one to tears. Ab and Celie and the performance will linger in our hearts with its love, reality and the beauty of it all.”

From Organised Enthusiasm Blog – July 2014

“It is theatre performed with such generosity and honesty that it is like it is giving your heart a hug. It is just about some people and their lives, and how they relate to some lives that are happening now and it is really nothing special. But in being nothing special it has made me laugh and weep and filled me with such immense joy that tonight I will fall asleep and only have the warmest dreams.”

✪✪✪✪✪ StageTalk 

“Not only is the art wonderful, it is also extremely well-incorporated into the performance, enhancing the production, rather than stealing focus.

I highly recommend that you try to catch this show on its current tour It’s a life-affirming performance which will probably make you want to uncover a bit of your own family history.”

The Brighton Argus – February 2014

“Wot? No Fish! is a beautifully told love story … Braverman’s performance was warm and utterly engaging. His interpretation of the drawings, the way he read between the lines, was as honest and perceptive as the drawings themselves. His superb storytelling never upstaged great uncle Ab’s exquisite little canvases which form the heart of the piece.  Only occasionally does theatre create such magic: this was a one-off, a gem.”

Outstanding August 2013

“What makes this show outstanding is its originality and powerfully simple storytelling. It teaches us about egoless creativity and shows us the possibilities of Art.”

The Guardian (Lyn Gardner) – August 2013

“One of the best shows I’ve seen in Edinburgh this summer, indeed one of the most touching I’ve seen all year.”

✪✪✪✪ The Times – August 2013

“A small gem.”

✪✪✪✪✪ Broadway Baby – August 2013

“The strength of Wot? No Fish!! is the story’s warmth. … the touching and powerful imagery brought me close to tears and put my heart in my mouth. Wot? No Fish!! is an inspirational story that shows how images, art and fine storytelling can touch lives and entertain.”

✪✪✪✪ Glasgow Herald – August 2013

“A beautiful, tenderly crafted show, where laughter and tears come together.”

✪✪✪✪ The Scotsman – August 2013

“Towards the end there are inevitably some very sad moments, yet the pictures themselves are anything but. Full of spark and energy, they are a celebration of two people’s love for one another.”

✪✪✪✪ A Younger Theatre – August 2013

“It’s an ecstatically optimistic piece, a beautiful story of a story, and all the better for being true.”

✪✪✪✪ Exeunt – August 2013

“Danny is an incredibly likeable storyteller – with Nick Philippou’s direction, he manages to feel like a fishball offering family friend”

✪✪✪✪+1/2 Public Reviews July 2013

“Braverman’s skill as a raconteur is in being deceptively casual in his delivery, but make no mistake this man is a master in his craft.”



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