Audience feedback

JW3 and Oxford House London – October 2013

“‘Wot No Fish?’ is one of the the most extraordinary and wonderful things I have ever seen.  So very moving and entertaining and a phenomenal work of art too.”

“Danny’s show last night was wonderful. … Certain shows are just unforgettable and give one loads to reflect on – and ‘Wot? No Fish!!’ was one such event.”

“The whole story made us reflect on human destiny, Judaism, history and Zeitgeist. Some sections of the audience laughed appropriately at the humourous side of it, but we found the events and undertones too wistful and intimate to generate lots of extrovert reactions.”

“Beautifully told and such beautiful images. I laughed, I cried and I left feeling like I knew Ab and Celia. Thank you.”

“A beautifully conceived piece, perfectly executed and performed by Danny Braverman” Actor George Layton

“It was really moving and your performance was great – relaxed and totally truthful.”

“I loved the show on Sunday. Beautifully pitched and performed. Congratulations.”

Edinburgh Fringe

“The most human and beautiful thing I’ve seen in a very long time.”

“We loved your show – it was the best thing we saw in Edinburgh all week (out of 35 shows!).”

“I saw the show yesterday with my mum, it was beautiful- simple and funny and it made me cry!”

“As brilliant as the title makes it sound, if not more so.”

“An absolute joy.  A beautiful story told by a fantastic performer.”

“In this time of all things fake, it is a rare gem of a story, that transcends it’s own time, to convey human relationships at their most pure and vulnerable. Beautiful.”

“Best thing I have seen and not just at the fringe. Both myself and the stranger next to me wept together like old friends.”

“A beautiful and brilliantly constructed piece of theatre which moved me deeply.”

“It was so intimate … I was constantly wanting to shout out about my own family”

“A fine piece of storytelling from a relaxed and infinitely engaging storyteller. Funny, heartbreaking and life affirming in equal measure.” 

“So moving … such an amazing love story.”

“An incredibly honest show presented in such a humble and simple way that it can’t help but stir memories.  Simple, effective and beautiful.”

“It’s just so beautifully truthful.  I was gone by the second wage packet.”

“The beauty gets you in a way that other forms of theatre or expression don’t.”

A word salad from preview feedback

Audience feedback as word salad
Audience feedback as word salad

Derby Theatre (Wed17th July)

“A beautiful story told delicately and very enjoyably.  A completely different and enlightening experience.  Simple and wonderful.”

“Truly thought-provoking, helps to think and appreciate family, loved ones and life itself.  Inspiring!  Amazing ending too.”

“A beautifully drawn story, beautifully told.  What a family!”

“A wonderful, human and evocative show – history elegantly told!”

“Deeply moving story beautifully told.  Many many thanks.  We loved the natural jewishness woven through.  So rich.  Can’t thank you enough.”

“A gorgeous story, beautifully delivered with style, natural skill and of course – stunning art. Thank you for sharing this fascinating story Danny; inspiring us all to carefully lift the shoebox lid of our own family stories, and wonder what treats we might leave behind for others to find”

Other preview comments

“The start of something huge. A jaw-dropping and hugely moving story. Amazing show by @DannyBraverman

Mark Billingham (Author) via Twitter

‘Powerful, authentic, moving and very funny: Danny Braverman’s solo show ‘Wot No Fish?’ is all of this and much more. Making full use of an astonishing personal archive he inherited from his great Uncle, Danny cleverly brings to life the private story of an ordinary working class Jewish couple in this compelling play. Personal memories interweave with intimate details from Celie and Ab’s long marriage, whilst reflecting on the desires, ambitions and aspirations of many former Jewish East Enders. This exceptional piece of theatre is also an important work of social history. I cannot recommend it highly enough.’ 

Rachel Lichtenstein (Author)

“It works on so many levels: storytelling, theatre, family, immigrant communities, history, the war, how life was, mental health, memory. biography, the ‘art’ of interpretation, what does one’s life add up to in the end.”

Mike Alfreds (Theatre Director)

From people who booked try-outs and previews

“The source material and narrative of the piece are incredibly compelling and Danny’s delivery style carries the piece brilliantly.”

Paul Margrave – Festival Director, Capital Age Festival

“Superb.  Moving, intricate, storytelling.”

Sarah Brigham – Ex-Artistic Director, The Point, Eastleigh.  (Now Artistic Director, Derby Theatres)

And from other audience members

“I’ll never forget what I’ve seen”

“This performance excels in reflective sentiment and draws upon beautiful and honest moments captured through stunning art.  Inspiring, thank you.”

“Spectacularly told tale.”

“Just the most beautiful show.  Danny is a true storyteller and it was so touchingly told.”

“We are so used to theatre being full of gadgets, this minimal approach makes the audience engage more and not get distracted.  Beautiful storytelling.”

“Captivating man! Universal story and themes.  Very engaging.”

“Very moving, intimate and professional”

“One word – Excellent”

“Fantastic and moving show.  Phenomenal.  Very evocative.  Brilliant and clever.”

“Absolutely brilliant and fascinating.  Danny was GREAT.”

“Watching, I felt, this is a real story – by which I mean, not something that really happened (which is the case) but truly what a story is – I don’t know how to explain what I mean aside from saying something like “this is truthful”… And of course it was incredibly funny – I think you’ve found exactly the right form.”

“I cried.  I feel like this afternoon has played a significant part in my life – it hit me like a train.”

“I loved the simplicity, reality and true sense of sharing a very fascinating, touching and meaningful story that spoke on so many levels.  I felt, …. well …., privileged.”

“Thank you for such beautiful insights of a world gone but not forgotten.  Shalom.”

“Captivating, wonderful and beautifully presented.”

“Simple, humble, honest sharings.”

“Poignant, funny, warm, surprising – well-structured, I now resolve to dig further into my own family background.”

“Brings history to life, so extremely valuable both for the ‘history’ and for the ‘art'”

“Loved that you touched on ideas of intersectionality and assimilation.”

“What a beautiful story – brought a little tear to my eye – amazing art, delightfully told.”

“A wonderfully intimate window into a family, very moving.”

“A beautifully moving story which sums up London’s Jewish history for a lot of Jews.”

“Very special; beautiful art, very funny cartoons; a lovely insight into a personal history.”

“..humourous, poignant, surprising.  Beautifully told in a small venue.  We travelled back in time to share the story.”

“A really great evening.  It evoked memories of people I have known all my life.”

4 thoughts on “Audience feedback

  1. What a lovely, charming and moving play. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Please say Ab’s art will be displayed somewhere soon?

  2. I was mesmerised by this family’s life told in pictures on wage packets! What a precious discovery of a week by week journal! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!

  3. Just like most people that have been to see your show, I was moved and brought to tears. My life as a young girl came back to me with so many memories, bitter and sweet. You are a wonderful story teller. Thank you for entertaining me on a miserable Sunday afternoon.

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